10 Benefits of Pumpkin Post

10 Benefits of Pumpkin

Pumpkins…pumpkins….pumpkins EVERYWHERE!!!
We have officially entered the season where pumpkins are impossible to ignore! 
And why should we! They not only fun to decorate with but they are a satisfying and amazing food source… another example of a GOD FOOD FOR A GOD BODY!

Sugar Season Post Cover

Sugar Season is Here!

For over 15 years, while my kids were growing, I would have bronchitis around Halloween and pneumonia by Christmas. Then it would usually move on to a diagnosis of walking pneumonia and by Easter it would be easing up and moving out. Then I learned about sugar.

Thankful jar

Thankful Jar

The frequency of appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness is high! Joy radiates through your body and actually boosts your immune system! Learn how to make one in this post.

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